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Le Val, now available in a new innovative format: Oneglass®

Le Val, now available in a new innovative format: Oneglass®

Le Val never ceases to amaze us with the produce from its vast Languedoc “garden”!  Consumers have been able to appreciate the diversity and versatility of the different grape varieties through the already extensive Le Val range.  Like gardeners, our wine growers nurture the authentic character and richness of the largest vineyards in the Languedoc Roussillon.             They are now pleased to bring you its Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon in a new, original and innovative format: Oneglass®. 


Change the way you enjoy good wine

This unbreakable, contemporary format can go anywhere – it is always ready to serve and enjoy, whether with a quick meal or a mini picnic. Le Val is offering you an exclusive invitation to discover this new packaging.

One glass, zero constraints, 100% ecological

Original and practical, oneglass® is easy to carry and open:

Tear – Press – Ready to enjoy!

No hassle trying to find a corkscrew, no bottles opened just for one glass (so less waste), and easy to recycle …  Oneglass® stands for responsible consumption.  All the sunny and fruity flavours of the Pays d’Oc land can be found inside the Oneglass® pack which is lightweight, supple and practical. All the wine’s organoleptic characteristics are preserved. The packaging, made of 75% paper, is recyclable.

 Bring a touch of fun to your meals

The Chardonnay will pair nicely with gourmet salads while the Cabernet Sauvignon is great with sandwiches and other lunchbox staples.

The French drink on average of 1.3 glasses of wine per day per capita, roughly equivalent to one Oneglass®, i.e. 100 ml.  What better way to enjoy wine, every day, in a “responsible” manner?

Le Val, Oneglass ®, the mini revolution you can’t do without!

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