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Vinadeis: a new wine group is born

Vinadeis: a new wine group is born

Driven by the results of its strategic plan “Performance with Meaning” over four years, which has allowed it to double its activity and become the n° 1 French cooperative wine group, VAL d’ORBIEU-UCCOAR is embarking on a new phase in its ambitious development. The group is adopting a new identity VINADEIS and, simultaneously, forging a strategic partnership with InVivo (n° 1 French agricultural cooperative group) with a view to accelerating the emergence of a French player of international size in the wine sector.
Satisfactory results in 2014

The Val d’Orbieu Uccoar group is showing solid performance with annual results on track in 2014.

Its consolidated turnover is EUR 268 million and combined turnover is EUR 288 million. The profit of the operation has been multiplied by 3. The net profit has reached EUR 3.5 million. Debt, at a little over EUR 10 million, is under control. This performance has resulted in solid solvency ratios, in line with the group’s objectives, allowing the payment of dividends to its cooperative shareholders for the first time.

Relying on the good commercial dynamic seen in all sectors (buyers own brands, brands, estates & châteaux, bulk) and on the development of synergies between these sectors, despite the fragile environment, the group is determinedly pursuing its strategic plan in the service of its clients and markets.

“These results, which are evidence of the profit growth potential of our model, in line with our strategic objectives, allow us today to accelerate our development in France and abroad and to consider strong and structured associations within our sector in order to emerge as a large cooperative company in the service of wine producers and directed towards the markets,” says Bertrand Girard, Chairman of the Board.

A new identity: VINADEIS

To accompany these new challenges, to unite and to accelerate development, the n° 1 French cooperative wine group has adopted a new identity: VINADEIS.

Created by 7 winegrowers from the Corbières in 1967, the group today brings together more than 1600 winegrowers, 120 employees in village cooperatives and almost 400 other employees. It also relies on more than 320 wine production partners from Aquitaine to the Rhone valley, as well as abroad. With so much wealth, and so many identities and trades (cooperatives, merchants, estates, industrial units and subsidiaries in the Languedoc, Bordeaux and abroad), it was necessary to unify its message and identity around a unique and inspiring banner.

With the strength of its history and its ancient roots, the strength of its values and pioneering spirit, and its new position as the largest “French winery” and the largest organised French producer, the group through its holding company “La Languedocienne” has a new name that conveys meaning and identity: VINADEIS*, the pioneer’s footprint.

A new name and visual identity, which confirm the ambitions and the dynamic for change driven by the directors of the group for 4 years in order to build a strong and powerful French “producer-marketer”, especially internationally.

VINADEIS will represent the group in its markets and in its future developments.

(*Details of the new identity in the press kit)

Creation of an ambitious project between VINADEIS and InVivo

To create a French player of international size, VINADEIS is forging a partnership with the n° 1 French agricultural group: InVivo.

The ambition of the two companies is to create a French wine cluster that is powerful, open, and capable of attracting and unifying other partners around an ambitious project to create value for all stakeholders in the wine sector.

A historic turning point for the Languedoc cooperative wine group, whose strategy “Performance with Meaning”, launched in 2011, has borne fruit and which is now in 3rd place among economic players in this sector in France. Sharing the same vision, InVivo, through its strategic plan “2025 by InVivo”, and VINADEIS confirm their common wish to occupy a place at the forefront of the agri-food sector and wine in particular. A project whose first ambitious decision is the acquisition of the large Bordeaux merchant Cordier Mestrezat Grands Crus by the group InVivo, alongside VINADEIS which holds 22%.

The stated objective is to speed up the development of the 2 arms of the company: Cordier for the brands and petits châteaux and Mestrezat for grands crus.


Created in 1967 in the historic birthplace of viticulture in France, the Languedoc-Roussillon, by a handful of winegrowers who had decided to unite their efforts to share their passion and know-how, the group today has 1600 winegrowers united around 45 estates & châteaux and 11 wineries, backed up by 17 000 ha of vines and numerous partnerships in Aquitaine and the Rhône Valley. A vineyard designated as the first in France and among the Top 5 vineyards in the world. The Group has more than 400 employees and a turnover of EUR 268m (73% France / 27% export to around sixty countries).

About InVivo

The InVivo group consists of 223 cooperatives, which in turn bring together more than 300 000 farmers. It has 8 000 employees in 28 countries and had a turnover in 2013-2014 of EUR 5.4 billion. Thanks to its human, industrial, technical, technological, marketing and R&D investments, InVivo participates in the development and influence of French agriculture and agri-food.

About Cordier Mestrezat Grands Crus

Cordier Mestrezat Grands Crus is a Bordeaux-based merchant. For more than a century, the company has excelled in the tradition of the fine wines of Bordeaux. It earns 65% of its turnover through export to 135 countries and has a team of 50 employees.

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