Vinadeis: a leading producer-marketer

A wide, well renowned brand portfolio including Cuvée Mythique, Le Val, Mythique Languedoc, Cordier, Brise de France, Bonne Nouvelle, Réserve St-Martin… successful both in France and abroad.
Thanks to its presence in France and abroad, Vinadeis benefits from a network on the ground and an awareness of the market, allowing it to adapt and anticipate consumer trends and demands.
Significant investments (human and material) have been made with regard to the Group’s industrial facilities and also in oenology, vines, wine styles and marketing.


Vinadeis is present on five continents in more than 20 countries. The development of our activities around the world is based on a rich network and is a major lever in our commercial strategy. We have strong partnerships and sites in the key growing markets.
All of which enable us to show the world the great wines of the South of France, from Aquitaine to the Rhone Valley.

Estates & Châteaux

In the Group’s historic business area, VINADEIS has established itself as an undisputed leader in the marketing of Estates and Châteaux in the South of France, offering a wide range of 50 properties belonging to the group and more than 100 estates and chateaux under contract , regularly rewarded in the most prestigious French and international competitions.
Wines from unique terroirs, reflecting the expertise, passion and all the authenticity of these independent winegrowers.


Innovation is part of the group’s DNA. VINADEIS was a trailblazer for the Tetra Pak® and also for zero-alcohol and low-alcohol drinks, aromatised wines and most recently bag’innov (self-supporting supple pouches equipped with an aseptic tap for packaging of organic fruit juice, mojito, grapefruit rosé etc…) and Doypack . . .

Since then, through its subsidiary INNO’VO dedicated to innovation, the group has not ceased to explore the latest trends for products and formats of packing, as well as new recipes.

Innovations that have maximum respect for the environment with a low carbon footprint, eco-designed to appeal to new consumers and to explore new market sectors.


VINADEIS Bio is a subsidiary wholly dedicated to organic wines offering a rigorous selection of “Grands Vins”, with control and full traceability of the products from the vineyard to the consumer.
The group draws on its own considerable production (organic and biodynamic) but also on exclusive partnerships with several organic producers from the main wine regions of the South of France: Bordeaux, Provence, Rhône Valley. 
This allows Vinadeis to offer a wide organic range, covering the main appellations from South of France.