Burgundy & Beaujolais

Burgundy and Beaujolais


Burgundy and Beaujolais possess an incredible variety of wine terroirs.

From Auxerre to Macon, there are more than 30,000 hectares with two main grape varieties: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. There are a total of 33 grands crus plots. Weather favourable to vines, a rich geology, renowned grape varieties and its remarkable “climats” result in 100 world-famous appellations.
On the southern tip of Burgundy, the Beaujolais vineyards cover nearly 22,000 hectares and about fifty kilometres. Gamay symbolises the main grape variety of the region, giving aromatic, fruity red wines. Harvesting by hand is compulsory. The richness of the terroirs of these vines allows, through the 12 PDOs, the expression of an extraordinary palette of aromas: a superb collection of wines waiting to be explored!

Partenaire de Vinadeis Winegrowing partner : Agamy

AGAMY was born of the passion of daring modern men and women, proud of the expertise inherited from their ancestors, and their land: Beaujolais. It is the leading producer of Gamay in France, grouping together 500 passionate winegrowers.

From the Louis Tête brand for the traditional sector, to Signé Vignerons for large retailers, via Le Chat Rouge and Jasper for a younger audience, Agamy is always in search of outstanding excellence and expertise, with an exceptional range that sparkles with the originality and quintessence of a thousands styles of wine.