South -West


The vineyards of the South-West

Between the ocean and the Pyrenees, the South-West is a mosaic of plots of land. Offering a very wide variety of grape varieties in eleven departments, from the Aveyron to the Landes.
Partenaire de Vinadeis Wine-growing partner : Labastide-de-Lévis

The oldest winery in the Tarn, Labastide is a major historical player in the vineyards of Gaillac. Its size and dynamism make it a driving force in the appellation, bringing together nearly 200 winemakers, and defending the production of a high-quality wine for more than 50 years. It was notably brought to fame in 1957 with the creation of Gaillac Perlé, which contributed greatly to its reputation and that of the vineyards.

With our new region, the Gaillac vineyards of Labastide, located in the heart of an exceptional cultural heritage (Albi/Toulouse), we have a superb qualitative link between our Languedoc and Bordeaux vineyards, offering a very wide variety of grape varieties.