Wine tourism

Wine Tourism

Château de Jonquières

The Château de Jonquières, located in the heart of the Massif de Fontfroide, is a unique site where vines grow in an environment rich in biodiversity. A quarter of the fauna recorded on this site are rare or protected.
The tracks that run from the Massif de Fontfroide lead to the Etang de Bages. On its 37 hectares of land, there are grape varieties suitable for our terroirs and our climate: Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, Mourvèdre.
It is here, in the winery, with its solar panel-covered roof, that the “Cuvée Mythique” is produced; an iconic brand, it serves as an Ambassador for the Pays d’Oc. The Little Owl [Athene Noctua], a symbol of The Mythical Cuvée is one of the various species that can be found on the property.
This site has a rich wine-producing history that goes back to 1866, when Jacques Narbonnès, “the winegrower of Jonquières” planted vines on the estate. Arriving at the Château de Jonquières is also the guarantee of an exceptional stay, with its reception rooms, gîtes and comfortable guest rooms, where weddings and other occasions are celebrated in a delightful setting.

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