At the end of 2018, a ‘wind of union’ blew over the light soils and clay-limestone terraces of western Aude: two cooperatives, the Cave du Razè in the commune of Routier, created in 1947, and the Cave la Malepère founded in Arzens in 1949, joined forces to form a single entity under the name of EVOC.

A leading producer of Malepère appellation and IGP Oc varietal wines, this new entity has now become the largest cooperative winery in the Occitania region.  Nearly 400 cooperative members will work together to produce elegant, well-balanced wines with a southern accent and sunny character. This alliance of specialists in the Merlot, Cabernet, Chardonnay and Sauvignon varietals ensures the diversity, modernity and quality of the wine it produces, blending the classic grape varieties of the south-west of

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